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Episode 4

Eco Eye Series 10 – Episode 4
Broadcast on RTÉ One at 7pm on 24th January 2012
Programme 4: Green Communities

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Part 2

Eco Eye heads back to Austria this week to look at what’s happening in Koetschach, a community which is operating several different schemes to keep the area eco-friendly. Back in Ireland we visit Baltinglass, where several people have enacted their own energy efficient schemes, and want to work together for the good of their green community, but are finding it difficult to get access to the infrastructure they need.

Meanwhile, Tania heads down to the Burren to see the wealth of experiences available to tourists there.

Christoph Aste (energie:autark) – Christoph is a forester and engineer who has been heavily involved in the Koetschach project, he tells us all about it (

Paul Carberry (Renewable Energy Systems) – Paul is a director of RES and has helped many in the Baltinglass community install renewable power systems (

Arthur Gillespie (Super Valu) – Arthur is the manager of the local Super Valu, and has just installed solar panels on the roof of the shop.

Martin Hogan (M-Power) Martin heads up M-Power, the power company which has been established to help smartclusters get up and running in this country.

Tim Cooper (Cool Power Products) – Tim is the inventor of the EMMA smartbox, his company develops smart technologies to help micro-generation run smoothly, exactly what the smart cluster concept needs (

Leslie Codd (Codd Mushrroms) – Leslie has a wind turbine installed on his farm and has taken many other ecological steps, he’s hoping the smart cluster will take off, so he can get involved.

Katherine Webster (Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience) – Katherine discusses the steps taken to keep the Cliffs of Moher protected and appealing to tourists (

Peter Curtin – Peter discusses the Burren Ecotourism network and how the locals are keeping themselves green (

Cari Ryan – (The Boghill Centre) – Cari puts Tania through her paces to experience relaxation, bog style (

Cathleen Connole – Cathleen takes Tania on a bike tour of the burren in her local area (

Cathal Mannion (Burren Birds of Prey Centre) – Cathal introduces Tania to Bud, the Lanner Falcon (

Joanna McInerney (Burren Outdoor Education Centre) – Joanna shows Tania the joys of falling off a cliff, when a proper harness is worn of course (