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Episode 5

Eco Eye Series 10 – Episode 5
Broadcast on RTÉ One at 7pm on 31st January 2012
Programme 5: Transport

Part 1

Part 2

This week Eco Eye looks at various issues around transport. How various forms of transport, both passenger and freight, have a negative impact on the environment and also what alternatives there are.

Teresa Kilmartin – Teresa commutes from Killucan to Dublin everyday. She talks about the difficulty of the commute and Duncan helps her break down the cost of driving such a distance so regularly.

Ken Macken (Environmental Protection Agency) – Ken explains the impact on the environment of our gas guzzling ways, and warns us of what the future holds if we don’t change (

Peter Harte – Peter owns a high performance supercar, with a twist. His Tesla is all-electric, and a joy to drive (

Howard Knott (Irish Exporters Association) – Howard discusses the benefits of using our rail network to move goods (

Colin Dunne (International Warehousing & Transport) – -Colin explains why he saw an opportunity in Ireland’s rail network (

James Nix – (PlanBetter Environmental Initiative) – James discusses our public transport network, what’s been done to improve it, and what more needs to be done (

Derek Bryan (FleetMatics) – Derek presents a bit of technology which could be of tremendous benefit to public transport operators, and users (

Aoife Rafferty and Damien Doherty – Aoife and Damien both commute long distances to work, but thanks to incentive schemes, they have discovered better alternatives to using the car.