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Episode 7

Eco Eye Series 10 – Episode 7
Broadcast on RTÉ One at 7pm on 14th February 2012
Programme 7: Waste

part 1 of 2

part 2 of 2

Waste is a huge issue for Ireland. Landfills are too often a source of pollution, but there is a wealth of things we can do to help reduce our waste. We discover that waste can actually be a major resource, if we use it properly.

Jonathan Derham (Environmental Protection Agency) – Jonathan describes some incentives to reduce waste and what we need to do to reduce our output of waste (

Odile Le Bolloch (Environmental Protection Agency) – Odile discusses how we deal with our waste and whyt we need to do more (

Prof. Frank Convery (UCD Earth Intstitute) – Professor Convery discusses what we need to do to improve our waste management, and points out some examples for us to follow (

Martin Reddy (Rehab Recycle) – Martin tells us about his operation in Tallaght and points out what a huge resource waste can be (

Sarah Miller (Rediscovery Centre) – Sarah describes the work done by The Rediscovery Centre in Tallaght (

Carrie-Ann Moran (Rediscovery Centre) – Carrie-Ann shows of some of her work and explains where she gets inspiration for her fashion designs (

Andy Wilson (Rediscovery Centre) – Andy tells Duncan about some of the benefits the Centre brings to the community and some of the projects which are up and running (

Gerard Griffin (Rediscovery Centre) – Ger talks to Duncan about some of the work done in the centre’s workshop (