Eco Eye 2019

Eco Eye returns for its 17th season on January 8th, 2019.

Its been an… ‘interesting’ year for the environment. Half the worlds biodiversity has been lost in little more than a generation¬†including the loss of 75% of the worlds insects. Plastic is being found now in virtually every ecosystem and Ireland is officially the worst in Europe for it’s emissions and climate inaction. Eco Eye investigates these issues and more to bring you the latest in scientific and environmental news.¬†

Ecologist Anja murray enjoying the early bloom on Ireland’s hedgerows

We open the season with the “the Plight of the bumblebee”. Presenter Anja murray investigates whats causing the alarming decline in our pollinators and the efforts from scientists, citizen scientists and a new breed of farmer that is trying to protect mankind’s greatest natural ally.

Whats causing the rapid decline of Irish bee numbers?