Eco Eye 2020

Eco Eye returns in January 2020 for its 18th series. From the climate strikes to the alarming declines in Irish bird numbers, this series covers the most urgent and fascinating environmental issues of the day.

March 15th, 2019

Inspired by 16yr old Swedish activist; Greta Thunberg, the world witnessed millions of school kids striking for action on climate change and Eco Eye was there to cover the action. Presented by Dr Clare Kamambettu, we followed a year of climate protests from the street protests of Extinction Rebellion to the thousands of Irish kids who took to the streets to voice their frustrations.

Anja Murray investigated the alarming decline in Irish bird numbers, which has seen a 40% decline in waterbirds alone in just two decades.

Dr Lara Dungan examined the sustainability of Irish agriculture and also the changing world of food from both the production side and the growing trends toward vegetarianism amongst consumers.

Duncan Stewart imagines what a 21st century power grid would look like and also examines planning and how that affects our lives.