Eco Eye

An Irish environmental series now nearing the completion of its 16th season. First created by architect and environmentalist Duncan Stewart, the series has explored and investigated a vast range issues affecting our natural world. With almost 150 episodes to date, we have covered climate change, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, water and soil issues, renewable energy, waste management, plastics and on and on.

In series 16, we took an in depth look at invasive species in Ireland on land but also in our waters. We covered the crawfish plague that over night killed hundreds of thousands of crawfish and threatened (and still might) the country’s entire population.  We investigated the population explosion in deer in some parts of the country that threaten their surrounding habitats and the delicate balance of nature and our role as people in that.

Presenter Anja Murray also went to some of the most remote and beautiful parts of Ireland to find out why our pristine waters are disappearing, whilst her colleague Dr Lara Dungan investigated the effect our environment has on our health as well as the growing problem of noise pollution.

Duncan himself set off for Irelands bogs (broken leg and all). These precious and unique landscapes are being harvested and often destroyed for turf which is then burned for energy or heating and Duncan wants to know why this is still going on in 21st century Ireland.