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A Burning Question

The Documentary ‘A Burning Question’ was aired on RTE1 on Tuesday the 29th June 2010 at 10:10pm. You can now watch the full documentary below….

A Burning Question – Trailer

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Climate Change has been hailed as “the biggest challenge to mankind in human history” and has also been called “the biggest swindle”. Today many people are confused at what it is and what consequences lie ahead for Ireland in the near and distant future.

What do we think about Climate Change and why? And what are the scientific facts behind it?

Duncan Stewart takes us on a journey exploring public perceptions around this contentious issue, and speaks to scientists all over the world to gain an understanding of the story of Climate Change.

What do you think?

Watch ‘A Burning Question’ and make up your own mind.

Featuring: Mary Robinson, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, David McWilliams, eminent Irish climate scientists, journalists, academics and many more.

‘A Burning Question’ – Directed by Paula Kehoe

A Burning Question Pt.1

A Burning Question Pt.2

Extended Interviews

Extended Interview with Mary Robinson

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