Eco Eye 14.


Episode Ten: ‘Redefining Communities’

Traditional communities all over the country have come together to develop energy projects and plant the seeds for a sustainable future. With the concept of what a community is being redefined, in this episode Duncan looks at three communities, the Irish Defense Forces, Croke Park and Camphill Communities and discovers the green initiatives transforming them.

In recent years Croke Park have adopted a new policy, one that prioritises sustainability as well as skill. They have learned that as a community they must play a part in the transition towards a sustainable future for themselves and the communities they serve. Duncan’s journey starts on the GAA’s biggest day of the year; the All Ireland Final in Croke Park. Aside from being at the epicenter of Irish sport, Croke Park is also the first carbon neutral stadium in the world.

On his journey Duncan learns from the leaders and innovators in each community about why sustainability is important to them and how they have managed to achieve their ambitious goals. He will also see the top-down effect of sustainability and green initiatives and how these benefit and influence the communities they serve.

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