Eco Eye 14.


Episode Two: ‘Global Community’

In December 2015 communities and leaders from all over the world descended on Paris to make history and commit to a legally binding deal to limit carbon emissions. This first ever universal agreement on global climate change will aim to avoid dangerous climate change by attempting to limit global warming to below 2°.

The world has agreed to a framework that will see a very different future from the path we are on, one that will help us avoid the worst consequences of climate change and try to ensure a future for generations to come.

This will lead to challenges and changes to our lives and will have a huge impact on all societies, infrastructure and the way we all live in the future. These environmental challenges may seem daunting, and many fear that transitioning society away from fossil fuels may mean a return to the dark ages.

In this episode Duncan Stewart goes on a journey to find out how the global agreement in Paris to fight climate change will affect everything we do in the future and what this really means for us in Ireland.

Extended Interviews:

Click through the below playlist to see extended interviews with Jason Box, Kevin Anderson and Barry McMullin.

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