Eco Eye 14.


Episode Five: ‘Rethinking Forestry’

When some people look at the Irish landscape they just see the greenery that it’s famed for, but when Duncan looks at Ireland’s landscape he sees a conflict for vital resources with the health of the environment at its centre. Land in Ireland has to fit a multitude of uses and demands upon it, from agriculture to transport and production, biodiversity and ecosystem services, not to mention the intrinsic value of the landscape that just can’t be quantified.

The planet can’t survive without forestry; it provides the very air that we breathe. Currently Ireland has the lowest forest cover of all European countries. However, this is set to change and as Ireland moves to increase tree cover we ask is there a new way to think about forestry that is both good for the economy and the environment? Can Ireland expand afforestation and commercial forestry while enhancing and preserving ecosystems?

Duncan and Anja explore what the solutions are for the contest for Ireland’s land and what different types of forestry can offer. Together they will explore what is the future for forestry in Ireland and how that can benefit the environment, employment and the economy.

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