There is no more powerful medium to get a message across than the moving image. Whether it’s an viral advert online or a promotional video for a company, we understand the importance of capturing your message and delivering it in the most eye catching and arresting manner possible

Viral & television ad campaign for ‘ESB/ Electricity Ireland’
For this particular campaign, we created a series of short, contemporary and stylish ‘stings’ for an ‘ESB/ Electric Ireland’ online and television campaign.

With Earth Horizon you get :

 Creative Talent:
Earth Horizon has access to a pool of talent that is second to none. We work with some the most exciting and creative directors, camera operators, writers and producers.
We’ve learned a lot from over 20 years of television and documentary production and it’s this experience and knowledge that makes Earth Horizon one of the most innovative and creative production companies in the business.
It’s our job to get the clients vision on screen and we do this by first listening to their ideas and what they hope to achieve. Only by working closely with our clients can we ensure that their vision comes to life on screen.

If there is an idea/concept your business or charity would like to discuss with us, please use the phone number or email address below and we’d be more than happy to help.

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Below are just some examples of our wor


Promotional Video: University College Dublin:

Irelands largest university, wanted to showcase the different faculties and staff that make a college great. We researched the college and its different schools extensively, then we shot a mix of interviews along with a tour of the campus and student life.
This is just a short clip from just one the departments featured.

(opp: School of English, Drama & Film)

National Dairy Council (NDC): Televised advertisement and promotional videos
The NDC wanted to highlight the quality and variety of Irish dairy products. We delivered attractive and mouthwatering clips of Irish produce at its best. The 10+ videos were used both for television and an online campaign.