Eco Eye season 16 returned to our screens in January 2018. Over 9 weeks, each 25 minute documentary investigated different aspects of our natural world. Our impact on the environment and also the effect that has not just on nature but also on human health became a major theme, leading to some fascinating and revealing insights.


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Eco Eye 16 in detail.

In Killarney national park and the southwest, Anja Murray investigated the effects of human intervention on nature’s delicate balance and found that sometimes, human intervention can prove useful even necessary. Dr Lara Dungan began her series by examining the impact our built environment can have on our health and particularly; the rise in obesity. While Duncan found himself back on Ireland’s most unique bogs asking whether too much damage has been done to save these vital carbon sinks and habitats.

Later in the series, Anja took to the water for an eye opening episode that revealed the sheer number of invasive species in our lakes and rivers and the extent of the damage they can cause.

Dr Lara Dungan traveled to London to see first hand the impact air pollution is having on our health and explore both the causes and solutions back in Ireland.

Later episodes saw Anja investigating the staggering loss of pristine water sites in Ireland, Lara took a look at the future of transport and Duncan got his apron and gloves on and tackles hazardous waste in our homes and gardens.

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