Our flagship series ‘Eco Eye’ is now in it’s 15th season. Running on RTE from January to March on Tuesdays at 7pm, the show is as popular as ever. 

Over the years Eco Eye evolved from a ‘magazine’ type show to an edgier documentary style as many of the issues we examine such as climate change become even more urgent.

In 2014, this evolution included a new presenter for the first time and long-time presenter and executive producer; Duncan Stewart was joined by Anja Murray.NC_clonmacnoise4

Anja (above), a bio-diversity expert was a contributor to previous shows where her talent and expertise didn’t go un-noticed.  So when she agreed to take the helm for two of our most important episodes this year, we jumped at the chance.

To see Anja or any of this years episodes, they’re all available here:

Eco Eye: Series 13.

Earlier shows include the long running and popular ‘About the House’ which ended its ten year reign at the top of the ratings in 2012.

Ireland's longest running and favourite home improvement show.
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