Eco Eye

Irelands longest running, environmental series is now in production for its 15th season. One of the most popular television shows on Irish television and for over 100 episodes, we have examined environmental issues both home and abroad.

Hosted by architect and environmentalist Duncan Stewart, Ecologist; Anja Murray and Dr Lara Dungan, this Irish series casts an eye over all aspects of the Irish and broader environment. 

Climate Change, Bio-diversity, Natural Capital, the Circular economy are some of the recurring themes but the show also deals with a variety of topics revolving around our our interaction as people with our natural surroundings.

Eco Eye series 15 (2017)
Eco Eye Series 14 (2016)
Eco Eye Series 13 (2015)
Eco Eye Series 12 (2014)
Eco Eye Series 11 (2013)
Eco Eye Series 10 (2012)

Eco Eye Series 10

Iceland glacier melt



17 Replies to “Eco Eye”

  1. Hello
    Please how do l access the first programme of the series ..on climate change…the rising water levels etc
    Thank you
    Ronnie Owens

    1. Hi Ronnie,

      Sorry for the delay in responding, the first episode should be available here
      If theres any problems with that, the direct youtube link is here

      BTW We’re doing a follow up show on flooding tonight, its focusing more on Ireland and the work of scientists and the OPW here. It son RTE1 at 7pm tonight but will then be available online shortly after at

      Eco Eye

  2. Company: Voxpro
    Project: voxgrow
    About: A while ago Voxpro launched the Innovation Project, giving employees the opportunity to present to senior management any idea they had. My idea was for the company to provide land where employees can grow their own fresh, organic, delicious fruit and veg for themselves and their family free of charge. I was asked to test the idea first on an allotment scale and they have been delighted with the results! We are hopefully soon going to roll out the idea to their main Mahon office then hopefully other offices around the world as they expand. I really believe that not just government, but also individuals and companies need to play a role in helping to provide alternative ways of growing food in and around big city’s like Cork. It would be amazing if you could follow our project and bring some media attention to it that will hopefully inspire other large organisations to follow suit.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Duncan love your show on global warming
    But I wish the solid fuel companies would encourage us to use smokeless fuel they should make it cheaper for smokeless and not the other way round

  4. As vice chair of South Dublin Protect our Parks I would like to write to Duncan Stuart on behalf of the group.
    The group was formed just over a year ago ,in response to the ever increasing concerts and 3 day Longitude Festival in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham.
    We would be very grateful if you could send us contact details for Duncan .

    Kind regards


  5. Wondered what the beautiful piano piece is called that was on tonight’s Eco Eye …jan 31st…coastal erosion with Lara ?


    1. Hi Patrick,

      Not sure but will check with the editors to see if they remember. Everyones on leave at the moment but will check with them when theyre back.


  6. I enjoy watching your Eco Eye programme. I would however like to point out to the presenters and producers that the bin colours are different in different counties and the colours referred to in the programme may lead to people putting incorrect rubbish in their bins.
    My bins are Blue for recyclable hard plastic, metals and clean cardboard and paper, Brown for garden and food waste and Green for all other rubbish which is not hazardous and not recyclable (bottles and batteries and aerosols paints etc go to our local centre for disposal of course).
    Please take this into account in future programmes so us country folk won’t feel left out
    Perhaps the department of the environment could be made aware of the anomalies and bring in a Nationwide system. Duncan could bring this up in a future programme if possible.

    1. Hi Marguerite,

      Thanks for your comment. Your point is well made and the system most likely needs to be standardised across the country which is something we could definitely look into in future episodes.
      Hope you dont feel too left out, although this episode was mainly Dublin centred we do try to look at the entire country with our episodes and will certainly be exploring issues all around Ireland in future ones.

      Thanks for your comment and hope you enjoyed the series.
      Kind regards
      Eco Eye

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