Eco Eye series 10 ran for 7 episodes, starting January 2012.

Episode 1:  ‘Pathway to 2050’

Eco Eye looks to our future and asks, how green we need to be?



Episode 2: ‘Biodiversity’

The importance of a variety of life in the Burren and in the Wetlands.

Tania visits the Mayo Greenway


Episode 3: ‘Green Homes’

We visit several experimental green homes in Austria then looks at how we can green our homes back in Ireland.


Episode 4: ‘Sustainable Communities’

The Austrian town of Koetschach has achieved energy independence, is this something we can accomplish in Ireland?

Tania explores the ecotourism trail in Co. Clare.



Episode 5: ‘ Transport’

Passengers and goods transport are major polluters, are there alternatives to our polluting routes?


Episode 6: ‘Wood’

Wood is an important resource which must be managed properly and utilised for green projects such as the wood chip burning, district heating system in Tralee.

tania visits an award winning green hotel.


Episode 7: ‘Waste’

We produce far too much waste that needs to be disposed of properly but much of this so -called waste does not deserve the title.