Eco Eye Series 11 ran for 8 episodes on RTE1, starting in January 2013.

Episode 1:  Irish Forestry

How Irish forestry is helping solve local and global problems and why we need even more natural woodlands


Episode 2:  Sustainable food.

‘Sustainable food’ Irelands pathway to producing the most sustainable food in Europe

Episode 3: ‘Radon in the home’¬†

“Radon in the home” -The health issues involved and the measures you can take to protect your home and family
Septic Tanks –Why they have such a major impact on water and health

Episode 4: SAC’s

‘Special areas of conservation’ –How farming and how land is managed has a major impact on biodiversity

Episode 5: ‘Air Quality’

‘Air Quality’ How smoke from coal impacts air quality and our health and what are the solutions to this pollution?

Episode 6: ‘Food Waste’

‘Food waste’ The real impact of food waste in Ireland and measures to solve this problem that’s affecting more than just our landfills

Episode 7: ‘ Wood Energy, Green Business & Irish Peatlands’

‘Wood Energy’ How to save a fortune in heating bills
‘Green business’ How to go green with your business and save money at the same time
‘Irish Peatlands’ Uncovering the cutting controversy

Episode 8: ‘ Irish Water’

‘Irish Water’ Quality and infrastructure issues in Ireland. How we can solve our water problems for the future.