Episode 6 ” Green Electricity?”


Over €7 billion a year leaves Irish bank accounts annually to buy and import fossil fuels, which we then burn for electricity, energy and heat. Apart from the 2020 emission reductions we signed up to which means we have to increase our use of renewables,  Climate change is bearing down on us and nothing less than a drastic reduction in CO2 will mitigate its affects.

So why is Ireland still relatively slow to move from polluting, carbon intensive energy that we have to import to clean, renewable energy that we can create here and benefit from the environmental as well as economic advantages that change would present.

To find answers, Duncan travels to Denmark and Germany as well as speaking to experts here in Ireland to find out why our electricity isn’t greener and what will it take to change this?

For further information on Wind Energy and Ireland, follow the links below

Limerick Clare Energy Plan: Climate Change Strategy –David Connolly, et al.




 Extended interviews from this episode of Eco Eye

All the interviews below are extended interviews of contributors to this epoisode of Eco Eye. As its a 25 min program and impossible to show all, we’ve strived to provide extended interviews from all sides of the argument.

Part 1 of an interview with David Connolly Assoc. Professor, Aalborg University, Copenhagen.

Part 1 of an interview with the ‘Rhode Parish Wind Action Group’

Interview with Dr. Sinead Cummins from Birdwatch Ireland

Pt 2 -David Connolly

Pt2 – ‘Rhode Parish Wind Action Group’

More to come