Eco Eye series 13, Ep4: ‘GMO’

Eco Eye 13

Episode 4  ‘GMO’


Episode 4 of Eco Eye 13 follows Duncan’s search for answers to one of the most divisive subjects for environmentalists; GMO.

Has this technology been unfairly denounced due to the actions of a few powerful companies? Or as some claim, are GMO a mass uncontrolled experiment with people the unwitting guinea pigs?

There are no easy answers as Duncan finds out when he speaks to Organic farmers, experts and scientists both here in Ireland and in Spain, one of the few Eu countries currently growing GM crops.

Eco Eye Extended interviews:

Due to the immense interest in GMO and the differing opinions as to its place in society, we have posted a series of extended interviews from this episodes contributors.

In addition to remaining neutral in our program, Eco Eye also wishes to contribute to the debate by offering further information from all sides.

You’ll find this in the extended online only interviews below as well as some of the research and studies used in researching the show,  which we will be posting soon.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and views.

Henk Hobbelink from